The GEICO Insurance GloveBox App Can by Uploaded by Anyone

Anyone can now download the free GEICO Insurance GloveBox app to their Blackberry, the first free app offered by a major insurance company in the U.S.

Features that are available to everyone include:

Automobile DIY tips – tells the user how to change a flat tire, check tire pressure of even jump start a vehicle.

Roadside Assistance – locate close-by gas stations, towing companies, etc.

Accident Helper – will put you in touch with emergency services if you are involved in a collision. Will remind you to take photographs of the accident scene and allow you to organize them so you can preserve evidence that may help you win your claim or contest a traffic ticket later on.

Taxi/Rental Car – will locate either of these services for you.

Contact GEICO – for any other insurance needs you might have. (What a great way to pull in new business.).

Of course the app comes with the funny little GEICO gecko featured in his own life story, as well as a slew of the funnier GEICO commercials. This app is a great marketing idea for GEICO; by offering it to everyone, GEICO creates good will and a positive brand image. People who do not have a GEICO policy but have a good experience with the app will remember that the next time they think about their automobile insurance.

Additional features available only to GEICO policy holders include:

Policy Manager – a convenient way to access and pay your GEICO insurance bills.

Insurance Cards – view and access current insurance ID cards, including vehicle and driver information, from your telephone. No more having to rummage around for the paper copy when you need it (like when the nice officer is standing right there at your window watching you).

This article is written for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel. The user is not affiliated with GEICO in any way.

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