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May 21, 2015
I was number three...
by: Mason

I was involved in the same scenario three weeks ago. I was the #3 car. I caused zero damage to the car in the middle, which was a pick-up truck. My car, a Kia Optima, had only 2 small punctures where it struck the pick-ups tow hitch bar. That was it. However, the middle vehicle (pick-up) had significant front end damage to it, and the 1st car, a small compact, had their trunk/rear end totally smashed. The middle driver swears I ran into her and caused her to run into the 1st car.

No witnesses, and the 1st driver had no clue as to what happened behind them.

The officer wrote a report and gave us both a summons to court on May 29th. He said the judge will figure it out.

I have not informed my insurance company as yet. This is my first time in this situation, and I thought it best to see what court has to say first.

I could use some guidance. Thank you.

This happened in Augusta, GA.

Our Answer: Your description of the physical damage does appear to support your version of the accident facts. However, it is still always best to report an accident to your insurance company immediately. You don't want to head into court without an attorney (unless you are one, and even then ... ) Your insurance company would provide one for you.

This reader comment is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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