USAA Membership is Not as Exclusive As You May Have Thought

by Azannette C.
(San Antonio)

The United Services Automobile Association calls their policy holders "members". The insurer has a closed market, or limited membership opportunities. The traditional perception is that the company only considers former or active members of the US armed services or their spouses eligible to purchase USAA products.

However, probably due to the poor state of the economy which has left many individuals and businesses looking for ways to maintain their bottom lines, membership opportunities with USAA have opened up. There are a good number of ways to qualify for membership with USAA. Since USAA's policy premium rates make them very attractive as an insurer, it might be worth looking into your eligibility.

Former spouses of USAA members or even former spouses of former USAA members may become members. Note, that we said USAA members, not members of the military. Since USAA members may be the spouses or children of military, this opens up a slew of possibilities. You may be the grandchild of a former member of the military and qualify for membership.

Consider my case: I am the ex-wife (divorced over 15 years) of a man whose father was in the military and had a USAA policy. When I recently contacted USAA to see if I could get an insurance policy comparable
to my policy with one of the bigger insurance companies, but at a better price, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could qualify for membership because of my former father-in-law.

The USAA official website states that only un-remarried spouses of former USAA members qualify for membership, but I am remarried. Apparently my former marriage made me a group member even though I was not aware of it. I have now been able to parlay that into an automobile policy, homeowners and an umbrella policy, as well as a checking account that earns me interest and a credit card with a rewards program.

If you have anyone in your family related to you by blood or not who was ever a member of the military, including the National Guard or the Coast Guard, call USAA or go on their website. It doesn't even take fifteen minutes to find out whether you are eligible to become a member or not.

This article is written for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel. This staff writer is not employed by USAA, nor affiliated with the company with any way other than as a member. This website does not recommend any insurance company over another.

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Feb 10, 2019
Could I get ins as a child of father killed in WW2 NEW
by: Anonymous

Would I be able to get insurance my father was killed in WW2 I was his only child?

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