USAA Now Offers Medical (or Health Care) Insurance

by Kristi K.
(San Antonio)

I just got notice that now USAA is offering health insurance to their qualifying members. To my knowledge, the bigger names like State Farm, Progressive and Allstate Insurance do not offer any health insurance.

The health insurance plans are available to people sixty-four years old and younger. All of the plans apparently give you the ability to choose the doctor that you want to see, which is extremely important to me. Every year, when choosing health insurance through my employer, I would have to go through a whole process of making sure that the doctor that I have been seeing for almost twenty years would accept the insurance, and vice versa.

There are discounts for using doctors who are a part of the Assurant Health network. In my personal experience, that is pretty much how all U.S. health insurance plans work.

USAA is giving quotes on these insurance policies now. You can either visit the official website or call the company at 1-800-874-6058. Like everything else that USAA offers, these health insurance policies are only available to those individuals who qualify for membership with USAA. So far, these policies are not available in all states.

You can choose between three main options: fixed-benefit insurance, major medical insurance or short term medical insurance. All three, even the major

medical option, can be purchased for less than $100 per month assuming that you qualify.

Fixed-benefit insurance; this is a very basic type of policy with no deductible, but provides basic health care benefits.

Major medical insurance: this option has no lifetime benefit limits and many wellness benefits paid at 100% (such as wellness checkups). You can also get a health savings account (HAS) option to maximize your money. This is the high-end option offered through USAA.

Short term medical: provides temporary coverage. You might need something like this if you are in seasonal, contract or other temporary employment situations, or if you are temporarily unemployed or newly employed and waiting for new employee benefits to kick in.

The health insurance plans are actually offered through Assurant Health, which is not an affiliate of USAA, but I love the idea of going through USAA because I already think that their customer service is so great. This is just another example of how USAA really tries to take care of their customers and make a huge range of services available to them. At least that is my opinion.

This article is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel. This website does not endorse any particular insurance company over another.

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Apr 12, 2015
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Oct 23, 2014
Does USAA offer affordable health care approved plans?
by: Mark

Last year I sought insurance from USAA for health care. They said they had not worked out a program compatible with the Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare).

I am curious if the plans mentioned here are compatible?

Dec 17, 2011
USAA Offers Medical Insurance - Awesome
by: Lisa M., Maryland

I have had homeowners and automobile insurance (3 cars, thank you) with USAA for years. I am thrilled to learn that they have health/medical insurance now also. I am very happy with the different options offered; they are comparable to those that my employer offers (and cheaper, too).

I always thought that it was silly, or at least a little inconvenient for the insurance carrier that held all of my other policies to not just offer medical insurance also. I really enjoy having all of my policies through one carrier. It isn't just because of the multi-policy discount that I get, but because of the convenience. I do not need to have to remember which company I have which policy with when I need it. I just have one company and one telephone number to worry about.

I also only have one bill to worry about. USAA allows me to pay my bill online; all of my policies are wrapped up into one bill. Except for the credit card bill (but that is not insurance anyway).

I have never been unhappy with the service that I have received with USAA. They truly do provide everything, and they service their products very well. I am very happy and YES, I will be getting the medical insurance policy, too.

Thank you.

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