USAA Shopping & Discount Program Customer Testimonial

by Chuck

I’ve been a proud member of USAA since 2000. During my senior year of college, my ROTC instructor sat me down to teach me saving, investing, avoiding debt, and planning for the future. He explained why he chose USAA over all other banks. Looking back, I’m glad he did. In fact, I couldn’t imagine banking with anyone else.

I believe USAA is the best bank out there. One of the best benefits of being affiliated with USAA is their great shopping discounts. They have strategic relationships with many Fortune 500 companies, which allow USAA members to get special discounts and incentives on a variety of products and services. This includes vacations, flowers, jewelry, car rentals, home security, cruises, and more.

I’ve used these shopping discounts many times. I bought my wife’s engagement ring through USAA. I’ve purchased flowers for my mother and wife through USAA. And I’ve rented cars through USAA. Whenever I am considering a major purchase, I take the time to research the products and price shop right at the USAA

Most of the discounts save you 10-20% on your purchase. In today’s economy, that makes a big difference. Like most people, I am monitoring my spending and looking for creative ways to save money. The USAA Shopping & Discount Program lets me do that.

All purchases went according to plan, and I didn’t have any problems. One thing I really admire about USAA is their integrity. They always under promise and over deliver. When you bank with USAA, you don’t have to worry about anything. You know the company is doing the right thing and taking care of you. And when you want to find a deal on something, you should check out the USAA Shopping and Discount Program first. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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