Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Maury B. Watts Review

by Nguyen
(Annandale, VA)

Attorney Maury B. Watts in Annandale, Virginia runs a small but very good office. His assistants are very good. They took care of getting all of my medical bills together, and my lost wages. I did not have to worry about any paperwork after the first meeting. His assistants also took care of my vehicle damage and car rental issues since I had a problem with the insurance company. It took a while, but my car is like new. They return calls promptly, as does Mr. Watts himself.

Mr. Watts was very nice to me and very respectful, and he knows what he is doing. He told the insurance company that the accident was not my fault. I did not have a red light – the other driver did. Mr. Watts got me more money for my hurt neck and back than the insurance company person told me I ever would. He got it for me quick, too. My accident happened in October and I already have a check now. I tell all my friends that Mr. Watts can help them too.

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