Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer: Reader Highly Recommends Attorney Jeremy Flachs, Esquire

by Beverly G.

My husband and I would like to submit a recommendation for Attorney Jeremy Flachs in Annandale, Virginia. We picked Mr. Flachs, honestly, because I did an internet search and found his website; he has a classy, professional website and from his picture, he looked like he’d been around to try a case or two before. No disrespect, but I didn't want to be any new lawyer's practice case. We don’t live in Annandale (Northern Virginia), which is where his office is. But the accident that I was involved in happened up there in Centreville and a friend had give us good advice when he told us to get a lawyer who was local to where the accident happened just in case we had to go to court. It’s always better to get someone that a judge may know, and hopefully in a good way.

Mr. Flachs met with me at the first interview when my husband and I signed the contract to hire him. He didn’t hand me off to a secretary, but really listened to me talk about what I and my husband were going through because of this accident. He talked with us for over an hour the first time we met. He explained things like punitive damages to us. We thought that the drunk driver who hit us would just go to jail or pay a fine or something like that. We didn’t know that the other driver’s intoxication would make our personal injury case worth more. That really helped alleviate some of the anger we felt at the other driver’s stupidity and blatant disregard for the safety of other people.

We also did not know that in additional to my medical bills and lost wages, my husband could make a claim for the income that he lost because he stayed home to take care of me for a few days. It was actually added into my claim. Mr. Flachs explained that our claim was also worth more money because this accident and my injury put a strain on our relationship. That, and the fear that my husband felt on the drive from home up to the hospital in Fairfax the whole way thinking I was dying.

I felt really respected by Mr. Flachs and that is why I feel compelled to write this review. I always felt that he knew what he was doing and that he and his staff actually cared. I was more than a number to them; either that or they were just really good at acting like I was and really that may be all that matters in the end. I think that everyone needs to know that there are decent attorneys out there. I highly recommend this Attorney Jeremy Flachs.

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