When the Contents of Your Vehicle are Stolen

If your automobile has been broken into and items stolen that are a part of the vehicle, such as stereo, GPS or other items installed by the manufacturer, then those items would be covered under your automobile insurance policy. This is assuming that you carry comprehensive (or “other than collision”) coverage on your insurance policy. These items would be covered just as the theft of the entire vehicle would be, and is subject to the same deductible amount.

An automobile policy is intended to cover the vehicle and the policy premium is calculated based on the vehicle and driver information. It is not calculated with all of your personal belongings in mind.

Therefore, if contents of your vehicle are stolen (that are not a part of the vehicle), such as a jacket and some CD’s, a laptop computer or any other personal possession, your automobile insurance policy will not pay for those losses. Those items would be covered under a policy intended to protect personal possessions, in other words; your home owner’s policy, renter’s policy, or something of the like. Those policies cover your personal possessions where-ever they might be, unless specifically excluded.

So if your vehicle has been broken into and your personal possessions stolen, your automobile insurance policy will pay for any damage to your vehicle that exceeds your deductible (again assuming that you carry the comprehensive or other than collision coverage). For your personal possessions, you will need to look elsewhere for compensation.

This is why it is so important to carry homeowner’s or renters insurance. If you do not have either, you really should consider looking into it.

This article is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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