Why You Should Report an Accident to Your Insurance Company Even When You Are Not at Fault

by Ted S.
(Germantown, MD)

I was recently hit by a guy who ran a red light. Should I report an accident to my insurance company even if he was at fault and his insurance company has agreed to pay my claim? Simeone, Falls Church

A better question to ask might be; why wouldn?t you report the accident to your own insurance carrier? If you suffered a personal injury and have any first party coverages such as medical payments coverage (med pay) or personal injury protection (PIP), those coverages will help pay your medical bills and possibly your lost wages while you wait to reach a settlement with the other insurance company.

If you are worried about your automobile insurance premiums going up because of this accident, they should not. These are no-fault coverages and you were not to blame for the accident; your policy premiums should not increase. You are paying a premium for those coverages, so why not use them? Do report the claim quickly to avoid any possibility of having your claim denied because of late notice, or because you missed the Statute of Limitations.

This article is approved for informational purposes and is not intended to take the place of competent local legal counsel.

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